From the establishment of Ochoco Timber Company in 1924 to Ochoco Lumber Company’s current timber holdings of 14,610acres, our land and timber management philosophy focuses on longevity, beginning with the concept of harvesting on a sustained yield basis through revitalization practices to enhance the various natural resources within the forest.  The company’s timberland holdings are located in the John Day area consisting of the Miller Mountain, Bear/Hall Creek and Fox Valley Tracts.

Ochoco Lumber manages on a sustained yield basis, meaning harvest levels do not exceed growth in a given time period.  Timber harvest is integrated with other goals to achieve long-term resource benefits.  Forest health is the key focus in the governance of our timberlands.  In the dry climate of the high desert forestlands east of the Cascade Mountain Range, stand density (stocking) is the most important factor in maintaining good forest health.  Soil depth, moisture, and tree size are also key items in determining the proper spacing for each site condition being planned for treatment.  We adhere to an uneven-age management philosophy managing trees from seedlings to old growth to promote overall forest health.

Ochoco Lumber Company takes pride in being good stewards of all our lands; placing strong emphasis on excellent land and resource management practices that are implemented through long-term objectives.  We are environmentally conscious knowing our management decisions today must be ecologically sound to prepare for a better tomorrow.  We remain committed to sustainable management which improves forest health, protects wildlife and enhances our nature resources for future generations.