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Now offering 100% Ponderosa Pine, 100% Douglas Fir
and blended Pine-Fir fuel bricks and pellets!

Malheur Lumber Company manufactures these premium forest biomass pellets and bricks.  Packaged pellets and bricks are used in home heating systems and bulk pellets are used in the industrial boilers of hospitals, schools and other commercial and governmental building heating systems.  Malheur Lumber Company exports these premium pellets and bricks worldwide.Heating with sustainable densified wood from forest biomass has several environmental advantages:

  • Reduces environmental impacts from fossil fuel use.  Using densified wood replaces oil, coal and gas typically used for heating.  Using a renewable resource diminishes the environmental impact experienced from fossil fuels.  The wood waste boiler utilized to dry the furnish in our bricks, further reduces use of these fossil fuels.
  • Improves air quality.  Densified wood is considered carbon neutral as it releases the same amount of carbon during combustion as that released during the natural decaying process of the wood.  Particulate emissions from clean burning densified wood is as much 92% less than burning cordwood.
  • Restores forest health.  Stewardship forestry practices lessens the fuel load in the forest, thereby moderating the intensity of wildfires.  Thinning the forest allows healthy trees to grow stronger.

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